Rent a car in the U.S.

Having at itself international drivings laws or driving license of the USA, age – more senior 25 years (it a rule strictly is not observed) and you are a possessor it is possible to take a machine a credit card (some agencies ask to disburse nalichnymi) on a rental basis.


Insurance is obligatory. All insurances operate only on territory of the USA and Canada. Insurances operate in a few cases: if a machine was managed by a leaseholder or additional driver, indicated in the contract of lease, if a driver was sober, if a driver did not accomplish a criminal crime in the moment of incident, including did not try to hide from a police, in the case of bodily harms – if all being in a machine used the straps of safety and special seats for the children of junior age. At the observance of the terms of insurance indicated higher go into effect without depending on that, who was guilty in an incident.