Issuance of driver’s license in the U.S.

Issuance of driver’s license in the U.S.

In the USA organization is engaged in delivery of drivings licences (Drivers license) under the name Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or DOT (Department Of Transportation). This organization is not federal, therefore rules of the road, requirements, fines and cost, differ in the different states.   Examination is separate on two stages: teor?ya (writing test on knowledge of rules of the travelling road) and practice (driving).

An eye test is obligatory (vision test). A theoretical test is not difficult, and the rules of the travelling road in the USA are made so that maximally to simplify life a driver. Driver”s manual (governed) it is possible to get for nothing straight in the office of DMV. In some states it is necessary to listen yet and a lecture about an alcohol and drugs, to safety of motion and to hand over a test on it.

After the successful handing over of theory a candidate gets «student’s rights» (Learner”s permit) which give a right on a drive some time (two-three, sometimes and 6 months). Such driving certification is given out a student in order that he could independently prepare to practical examination. Such «rights» have a row of limitations. For example, carrying passengers can be forbidden, driving without a supervision of face of having «valuable» rights, driving in a night-time etc.

These limitations, different in the different states.   When a man is ready to hand over driving (in some states not before what through set time) he can be written down on examination in DMV on any comfortable time. A test is simple for that, who has a driving experience. Americans spare the special attention safety of motion. It is important to control «blind areas» at manoeuvring and look around then, when move a back-draught.

The most difficult is consider the parallel parking, priparkovat’sya is needed for 3 minutes and not to get in on a sidewalk. Examination surrenders on an own machine.