Asylum in the United States

Asylum in the United States

The person, persuaded in his homeland for race, nationality, religion, political opinion and membership of a particular social group or activities that are not qualified by international or national law in the democratic countries as delinquency, may be given the political asylum.

The USA give the status of political asylum for persons, which rights were violated in the territory of their homeland.
According to the opinion of the U.S. Department, even every resident of CIS can realize their right of political asylum, because the people’s rights are broken systematically and constantly.

In order to obtain the status of political asylum in the USA, the applicant should appeal to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship with appropriate claim. The conditions of receiving status of political asylum in the USA: the person should be in the territory of the USA (any kind of visa, even illegal), owing a fear of persecution on account of a protected ground, is unable or unwilling to avail himself of the protection of the state.

The application about obtaining status of political asylum must be given during 12 month of residence in the USA or must be presented the strong proofs that the claim could not be given because of unordinary circumstances.

In order to increase the efficiency of the applications, they can be accompanied with documents: medical certificates, documents from law-enforcement authorities, testimonies, certificates about membership in the opposite political parties, protection of citizens’ rights and freedoms, religious organizations.

In 12 month after receiving the status of political asylum in the USA the applicant can appeal the claim for obtaining the permanent lawful residence status (“Green Card”). The applicant can call his/her husband/wife and children in the age younger than 21 years old to the United States.

In 5 years after receiving status of permanent lawful residence, the political asylum has a right to appeal for obtaining the US citizenship.