U.N.: the Amount of Refugees is Constant

U.N.: the Amount of Refugees is Constant

Asylum seekers are not flooding into rich countries according to the report of The United Nations refugee agency. Data from 44 industrialized countries shows 377,000 people filed asylum applications in 2009.

The U.N. refugee agency says, that according to their statistic, the number of people seeking asylum in industrialized countries has remained relatively stable for the past two years. The U.N. refugee agency says that the claim that asylum seekers are flooding into Europe and other rich countries is baseless.

The leader among countries, which representatives appealed the application to obtain asylum status is Afghans with 26,800 submissions. Iraqis dropped to second place with 24,000 claims, while Somalis moved to third position with 22,600 asylum applications. Compare: there are 1.7 million registered Afghan refugees in Pakistan and one million in Iran.

Other top countries of origin include the Russian Federation, China, Serbia, and Nigeria.
The Nordic region are recorded a 13 percent increase with 51,000 new applicants, the highest in six years.
Germany showed a 25 percent increase with more than 27,000 applications in 2009.

By contrast, it says the number of applications in southern Europe went down by 33 percent, with more than 50,000 claims. The most significant declines were in Italy, Turkey and Greece.
The United States is a leader among countries, who received refuges and asylums.